Angel Brinks by Dirty Debutante

Ladies! It's finally here! I have teamed up with one of the best make up companies around... Dirty Debutante. Everyone always asks me about my lip colors. Well I endorse nothing but the best! I'm crazy about pink lips, so I have two perfect pinks you would absolutely love! "Bubble Gum" Pink, is a shimmering hot pink that just pops so nicely! The other pink I have is an official pink I'm am absolutely crazy about, "Cotton Candy". I throw on "Poppin' Pink" Lipgloss that just makes the colors pop even more! Every girl needs red lipstick. My "Scarlet Red" lipstick stays on forever, so I love leaving my kisses on him... try it... The red lip gloss gives it an even more poppy look. Lastly, "Bare Skin". The nudes of all nudes. Smokey eyes, black liner, grays, and all color eye shadows never look the same without nude lipstick. Some nudes can camouflage, but if you put on my lip gloss with it, you will sparkle, while having that nude look! I also have "Sheer Clear" lipgloss to glide over any lip color for the ultimate shine! You will love my new collection! Diamonds are forever! Welcome to my lip world!

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