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Have you ever been out, saw a girl walk by and you had to ask her where she got her dress? That’s this type of dress! This metallic dress is so hypnotizing - it comes in the colors pink, blue, green and purple. The dress is form fitting and has amazing stretch. It features a deep plunge in the front with gathering on the skirt. The dress is long sleeve and zips in the back. You need this dress in your closet for that special date night or girls night out!

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  • I was sent the incorrect size in this Taffy green dress and they never sent my Eiffel bag in the mail ! I ordered April 14th and sent me a gift card on June 18th to my email ….. after 2 months I paid $25 for original shipping then paid $40 for overnight shipping to still not receive my bag for my birthday I’m livid !!!! Didn’t include the shipping money on my gift card at all! I wish could get a refund because I honestly don’t want to order from this website again ! The customer service is horrible. The clothing is mice but not worth it if the customer service is shitty!!!! Everytime I call sometimes nobody answers on purpose because they have caller id! The shipping is horrible smh

    Stephanie Daniels on

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