Mary J Blige - Essence Festival

Posted by Nicole Maddie on

Another day, another custom look. This year we had the amazing opportunity to assist with Mary J Blige’s essence festival performance look. The team was looking for a statement boot and who better to create that vision than the queen of bling herself, Angel Brinks. Mary strut across stage in Angel Brinks Custom blinged out boots and killed the show! Mary sang some of her classic songs and her newer tracks, too!
For custom orders, please email we will guide you through the order process ❤️If you can, please provide measurements and picture ideas of what exactly you're looking for. We will give you more details on prices and if it's possible to do.
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  • Love me some mary j an those boots or so hot are they on Mrs brinks site I would love them on me

    delphine devine on

  • I LOVE MJB! (I have since hearing her on Father MC’s If You Do For Me; I’ll Do For You. But LOVE NO LIMIT is My ALL TIME FAVORITE JAM of LIFE! EVERY version of it.) & I Love Angel Brinks since she was on BBW’s I’m Soooo GLAD that she (😇) did NOT fall into that Reality TV star/show Trap that is BBW’s, and she Stepped out on Faith to Create Content HER way. I’m Soooo PROUD of the Both of THEM (Mary J Blige & Angel Brinks) and HAPPY For THEIR Continued SUCCESS. May God Continue to Bestow Blessings upon Blessings on Them, Their Families and Business Endeavors.

    Velda on

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