Limelight Best Seller Angel Brinks

This weeks best seller three piece jacket set is EVERYTHING. Tuxedo jacket with a blade shoulder embellishment, yes please! Note the bra does not include underwire (minimal support), features spaghetti straps that are not adjustable. Talk about shine! You’ll be blinding people out and about! Let’s not get started with the details.. These hand placed stones are established with a professional tactic adhesive. Shoulder blades and undergarments set are adorned with rhinestones. This is a must have this season! Purchase by clicking the link below:


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  • Jae’Morrissa Music Group

    Heyyy!!! I’m a New Artist and will be attending the Grammys on January 26,2020. I need something that’s gonna pop and I’m sure with you I can find it!!!! My brand is rhinestones everything… lol!!! I love rhinestones and would love to have possible this tux rhinestones jacket or caoe that fits around the waist and buckle with maybe some jean shorts with the ling thigh high rhinestone boots or something!!!! Ideas? Please let me know so I can purchase ASAP! Thank you!!! 323-717-2317 Jae’Morrissa

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