K Michelle

Rain rain go away, K Michelle’s new song comes out this Friday! We have been supporting K Michelle for years and seen how much she has grown in her career. She puts her whole heart and soul into her songs and performances but this one is really different. For the first time in her career she got to pick this single herself. We are so excited to hear it!


K Michelle is wearing our “Looking Glass” mirrored dress! This beautiful shiny mirror dress is to DIE FOR!!!!! Item hugs the curves beautifully and has good stretch. Wanna stand out at any event?? This is the dress that will for sure turn all heads. Keep in mind this is a see through black mesh dress that can be worn with undergarments and a bra. Item includes a zipper and a tear drop design in the back. Available to purchase on angelbrinks.com today! Follow the link below: 


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  • Kiana Smith

    Hello my name kiana and I love this dress I was trying to see how can I get this dress for my 40th birthday next year in March

  • Cameron Yarbrough


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