Jackie Long x Angel Brinks

Posted by Nicole Maddie on

It’s no surprise one of the hottest couples in LA are both striving to excel in their careers. Actor, Jackie Long and fashion designer, Angel Brinks have been dating for the past year and we can’t get enough! You’ll catch them out constantly supporting each other at their events or even casually catching dinner out, making each other laugh for hours. Seeing their love grow daily reminds us to not sweat the little things. Money and fame will come and go but when you find that person that loves you unconditionally, that’s priceless. Angel Brinks drops new collections items every week but the most recent collection she dropped was very special because Jackie was supporting her in the new campaign.
If your looking for a sexy outfit to wear with your man out or a cutie night in, we got you covered! Shop angelbrinks.com and you can even customize your dream outfit to fit your body perfectly!


  • Is the love still there???

    Tabatha on

  • Am so Rooting for them to make fairy tail end

    Quani32 on

  • By far one of my favorite couples!!🙌🏼🙌🏼

    EMlove3 on

  • Love them💕💕💕💕

    Latisha Oliver on

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