Essence Festival 2019 Yung Miami

If you haven’t been to the Essence Festival, you are missing out sis! This weekend takes place in New Orleans every year and is filled with iconic performers, red carpet events and much more!
This year we had the pleasure of creating a custom Angel Brinks piece for Yung Miami to perform in. As many people know, Yung Miami announced her pregnancy months ago but that hasn’t stopped her grind. She has been working harder than ever which means she needs certain items to fit her baby bump. Angel made sure to find the right fabric that gave her all the bling and shine but to make sure she felt comfortable while performing on stage. We are so excited for Yung Miami and wish her a healthy and easy rest of her pregnancy!
For custom orders, please email we will guide you through the order process ❤️If you can, please provide measurements and picture ideas of what exactly you're looking for. We will give you more details on prices and if it's possible to do.
All rights/credit goes to the photographer 

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