DaniLeigh’s Baby Shower

Custom designs are our thing but designing custom looks for women during the most special time of their life is our favorite! We were able to bring the beautiful DaniLeigh’s vision to life by designing her the perfect baby shower dress and she looked absolutely stunning! We are so happy to be apart of such a special and magical time in her life. The details in this dress are astonishing! We are so grateful for this opportunity.

For custom orders, please email customorders@angelbrinks.com and we will guide you through the order process. If you can, please provide measurements and picture ideas of what exactly you're looking for. We will give you more details on prices and if it's possible to do.


  • Celeste Ireland

    Hi i am looking for some blinded out High Waisted / Flavored Out Jeans . I have a huge Valentine’s day outing and i want to be able to get these jeans done for me , for this special upcoming event

  • Michelle Perkins

    Hi I love all your jeans ,but I’m looking for some bling out bell bottoms ,a lot of rhinestones and also distress jeans …

  • Leslie

    How can I place an order for a maternity dress?

  • Shakira Jefferson

    I wanted to know how can I order the dress you made for fabulous daughter 😍 my baby shower is dec 11th

  • SHerice

    Am I able to order this

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