Cardi B Threw Kulture Mermaid Theme Birthday

Cardi B is not only a superstar, talented artist but an amazing mother! Cardi threw her daughter a mermaid theme party which we were so honored to assist. The Angel Brinks Fashion team made Cardi a custom mermaid skirt along with a detailed fishnet accessory (from real hand painted shells & pearls). There's nothing we Kan't do! Happy birthday Kulture!
Stylist: Kollin Carter
For custom orders please email us at


  • Diana Martinez

    I would love to buy a mermaid skirt like cardi b’s ♥️♥️♥️

  • Kay

    Inspirational Post:
    Watching you style Malaijah (pretty sure spelling is wrong( on that episode of BBW years ago, watching her try and discredit your craft and now you’re a HOUSEHOLD NAME. Self made and didn’t let one person belittle or speak so negative about your vision. You have beat the odds and are your brand. Your brand is every woman dream. If that dream happens to be wearing a Angel Brinks garment, or starting a company to become the next Angel Brinks. You are motivating, you are an inspiration, and you most definitely are A BRAND. And it’s ALL YOURS

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