BET Weekend Fashion Show 2018

BET weekend was yet again another one for the books. Angel Brinks fashion also held our second annual BET Fashion show. Our theme this year was Moulin Rouge and you know what that means.. Diamonds, red lips and finger curls! It was a huge success to say the least and the turnout was fantastic! Although like any events, we ran into a few complications, but you know what they say, “stress brings success”.  

This year we co-hosted the event with two other talented designers, YEKIM and Maxie J. We had a turnout of over 400 attendees! The new collections were so trendy and flawless! (Images above) Our audience consisted of other designers, loyal customers and celebrities. We are so happy for all of those who came to support and we can’t wait until BET Weekend 2019! If you’re interested in purchasing the new collection, visit

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