Diamonds!! Yes We Love Them!! Do You??? Check Out these Unique Gifts!!!!

For The New Parent!! An Exquisite Gift Indeed!!~~~~

Photo of a diamond encrusted baby binky

 "It's a solid, white-gold pacifier, with 279 diamonds. The whole front of it is covered basically with diamonds, three-carat plus," Mathis Riiber, a founder of, told AFP.

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For The IPhone Friend That Has Everything Already!!


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Unbelievable but true,  The diamond iPhone has 420 diamonds, a total weight of 5.65 carats set in 18K white or yellow gold. it can also be ordered in white, black or pink sapphires. The gadget will be available in November for $41,225.


Now Check Out The Most Expensive Cell Phone In The World!!


Goldvish. Proud Guiness Book of World Record's holder for World's Most Expensive Phone, the unnamed device comes completely encrusted in VVS-1 grade diamonds set in precious metals. Though specifics about this, such as the phone's capabilities, are scarce, the price comes in at a hair under $1.3 million. 

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For The Computer Geeks Out There!!


Most Expensive Mouse in The World!!

 According to Pat Says Now, the Swiss manufacturer of the mouse, this device is cast in 18 carat white gold and is set with 59 brilliant cut diamonds in either a flower or scattered design. The modern, 3-button, optical wheel mouse can make the perfect gift for a mere $24,180.

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Set Your Sights High And Go For It!!!



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