Beauty sleep? Need more? Guide to a better nights sleep!!

Stressed out from work? Stressed out from home? Stress can be a killer! Did you know that without the proper rest, Stress can become more than we can take. Read below for some tips on sleeping better!!

         Tip #1

Better Quality Sleep When You Invest in a Quality Mattress! Try the Tempur-pedic or Sleep Number Bed.....

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Tip # 2

 Do not allow the kids to sleep with you! Their tossing and turning keeps you from getting quality rest! They have a bed, make them use it. You will be glad you did!

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Tip #3

Invest in a doggie bed, we all know that we love sleeping with the family dog, but studies have shown that sleeping without the pet, makes for better quality of sleep!

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Tip # 4

Choose your pillow wisely, according to studies...The pillow you choose decides how well you rest!!So be picky, you deserve it!!

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Tip # 5

Snacking before bed can help you fall asleep quicker,but some snacks may actually keep you up. So look into your diet, and figure out what works for you!!

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Well we sure hope these tips will help you in gaining the beauty sleep that you deserve!!!

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