How to choose the perfect nail color!!

"How To Choose The Perfect Nail Color

With so many nail polishes these days, finding the right color can be pretty overwhelming. However, the best way to choose a nail color is to think about what you want your nails to express. We break it down for you below in four simple categories."

Mood: Think of your polish as your modern-day mood rings. Popular in the 90s, these rings, based on how you were feeling that day, would give a specific color to a heat-sensitive stone. So when choosing a tint, consider your attitude that day. Feeling confident? Try a bright yellow. Feeling calm?

Trends: Nail trends are a great source to review when considering a nail color. These days, girls are amping their nails up a notch by painting on unique designs and texture. Some brands have a velvet polish, which gives your nails the silky look and soft touch of velvet.

Your outfit: Nails are a great accessory, and it’s fun to choose your color based on what you’ve got hanging in your closet. With color blocking still a big trend, wear a bright pink skirt, a blue top and green nails. The colors will all work together to make you look like you’ve walked out of the pages of a fashion magazine. If you’re wearing an all-black or all-white outfit, a red nail mimics the boldness of a red lip for a dark ensemble. Meanwhile, a neon nail makes a white dress really pop.

Skin tone: If all else fails, just take a look at your skin for inspiration. Purples, greens and yellows look great on darker skin tones, and whites, pinks and reds compliment well the undertones in lighter skin colors.

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