Recap: Angel Brinks Drops New Collection and New Lingerie Line With Draya Michelle, Iesha Marie and Bernice Burgos

photo 3 (1) Angel Brinks has been on a roll. Not only does she have an entire collection dropping soon including "Roll A Dice" leggings which you won't find anywhere else, but ABF she is also dropping her new lingerie line Body by Brinks. Top models for this project where Draya Michelle, Iesha Marie and Bernice Burgos. New collection is up!! Stay tuned for the rest. Her are some teaser photos <3

photo 1

photo 3 photo 4 (1) photo 4


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  • darcy hernandez (bbwla fan)

    Angel Im so happy for you and proud of you as a fellow woman to have your own companies and an on point website.Only 3 of the (basketball wives), real housewives, or lhh stars have a REAL business up and running. I love your products and have had my man buying me your bodysuits. to be honest the “roll a dice” brand name needs to changed. The saying is….. Roll the dice, and the singular form of dice is die. So roll the dice, or roll a die would be your alternatives. Is there a reason you chose roll a die?

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