Angel Brinks Has Created An Empire and We Salute Her!


People take a lifetime to figure out what they want out of life or where they are heading. At times even when we think we are on the right track something throws us off or allows us to second guess ourselves. Angel Brinks has shown so many what it takes to become a true leader. She has motivated and inspired so many especially those around her. In life one must keep pushing and pursuing no matter what the outside world tells them they can not achieve.


We want to take a moment to let Angel Brinks know just how amazing she truly is. Her humbleness allows others to know that money doesn't make you. Her strength shows others that you can be powerful no matter the situation. Her beauty is a true reflection of her inner soul. She gives us all the drive to keep going and we wanted to say WE LOVE YOU and ADMIRE YOU! Team Angel Brinks!!



Pictures Taken By Vocab Magazine

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