Shoes, Shoes, And More Shoes

Shoes are our ultimate obsession, something which are always extremely desirable in our wardrobes, regardless of the season and the weather outside. We can never have enough pairs of shoes, we dream about them, save up for them and spare no money to finally get the designs we have been so much longing for. It’s so strange how a single pair of shoes can make us feel the happiest person in the world. Therefore let’s get acquainted with the hottest shoe trends for Spring/Summer 2012 fashion season, pick up our favorite designs and just feel better and happier for one more season!


  • CHantel Black-King

    Hi I Love, Love your fashion line, but when are you dropping a bad Ass shoe line as well, I Love the shoes you have your Models wear with the outfits because if I am going to buy the outfit I want the shoes to come with it & please come out with a bad ass Jewelry line to go with it as well I want do do all my shopping all at once like a one stop shop. Oh one more thing have you thought about also creating & making Blouses for us Women to hide our love fat handles & muffin tops some of us aren’t shaped perfectly like your Models, but still want to look conservative, classy, sexy, & a boss woman some of us have to hide bigger stomachs & waistlines so please please have a bigger selection for us to please. Have a Bless Success Day Now.

  • reneka

    You rocked a pair of heels with fur where can I find them please


    You have some hills with grey and white fur, can’t find where I can purchase them please help. I have pictures

  • stacey robinson

    Love your fashion

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