Toronto Fashion Week

Vawk: Sure, the tassels look like a My Little Pony’s tail, but we’ve always liked horses. This was the only burst of colour in Sunny Fong's Vawk Show, and we liked it. If only we could pull it off.
Denis Gagnon: More fringe! Gagnon does it beautifully (if only a photo could do justice to how the fabric moves), and we like all of his fringed pieces we saw at the Holt Renfrew  Showcase, especially this blouse. Now if only we could do something about that hair.
Wayne Clark: Here comes the glam. Clark’s gown is over the top, with ruffles galore. We’re not sure how successful the colour is, since one of the few places you’d see the dress is on an equally red carpet.
Mikhael Kale: This dress appears to be a plastic mini with encrusted bodice. It was a show-stopper but would require a few preparations before wearing: flesh-toned undies, a bikini wax and a trainer.

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