Stars Celebrate Halloween

Celebrities dress up for halloween and some had some amazing costumes!

Kendall Jenner as Karl Lagerfeld 

Jennifer Lopez wearing a costume designed by Michael Costello 

Katy Perry as a dropped mic.. Hilarious

Heidi Klum goes all out as she always does during her annual Halloween Party as Jessica Rabbit. 

 Kourtney Kardashian and her kids are Marvel Superhero's 

Ashanti as a Smurf for Heidi Klum's halloween party

Kylie Jenner as a Ninja Warrior the day of Halloween 

Kylie Jenner as a Snow Princess the day before Halloween. 


Nicki Minaj as a Princess

Snooki and her family do Star Wars 

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan do Cat in the Hat

 Nicole Scherzinger gets spooky for Heidi Klum's Halloween party

 Gwen Stefani as a sexy Cowgirl 

Paris Hilton appears to be a sexy spartan and Nicky Hilton a sexy indian

 The women of The View dress as iconic disney characters with a spooky twist

Kelly Ripa channels Kim Kardashian's paper magazine cover as her costumer and I must say its pretty good.

Karrueche dresses as a sexy bunny for the Maxim Halloween Party 

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 The Carters dress up in Coming to America theme

Jay Manuel and June Ambrose absolutely killed this look on their way to Heidi Klum's annual party

Keke Palmer hit it on the nail dressing up as Aaliyah


Gigi Hadid dresses as Sandra Dee from Grease 

Demi Lovato puts a twist on her version of a Trap Queen as a regal Trap queen. 

Karrueche killed it as Lil Kim

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