"I've always had dual residency (Las Vegas/LA) but because my headquarters has been in Las Vegas, I've spent majority of my years in Vegas. My shop lease is up and by the graces of God, we have outgrown the location long time ago. My journey takes me home where I'm from, LA, Where we'll be located directly in Fashion Capital, with all the factories and necessities to be even bigger and better than we are today. Thank you Las Vegas for everything. I have met some very special people in my life here. I bought over 5 houses here I invested in, got married here, gave birth here, bought a tanning salon, and successfully ran my clothing line. On the flip side, I've missed so much not being around my whole family and friends I grew up with in LA. I've mourned death here, along with being burglarized and so much.. With the good and the bad I still remained me, took all the negative, and continued building my empire. And it doesn't stop here. I have so much more to learn and so much more of the world to see. Thank you to everyone who has been apart of my journey!! Vegas don't worry! I'll be back next year to open a boutique in a mall and hopefully more stores after that. As for LA..

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