It's not always easy to find a job after school, because there isn't much years of experience. But I knew I wanted to be my own boss. I didn't want to work for anyone. I started buying materials, designing outfits I had sketched, and had seamstresses complete the designs. I became a socialite in Hollywood, and started attending events, and came across so many celebrities. Prior to this, I was involved with the Performing Arts all throughout my childhood life till high school. I grew a desire for dance wear. My eyes would sparkle at the idea of sequins, flashy wear, mesh pieces, and snug fit items. I knew I had an eye for fashion. I was even nominated for best dressed my senior year in high school. Growing up I saved whatever birthday and allowance money I had and bought a cash register. I would remove all the clothes from my closet, tape drawn barcode tags onto the clothing, and pretend I was selling clothes to my customers. I'd bag the items and say, "Thank you, Have a Nice Day!" It was then I knew I was destined to be in the apparel industry.


You could have been anything else in the world like a rapper, dancer, hater, policeman, but you chose to be a fashion designer. Why?

We all have talents. We all have a desire to do something. Clothing has always been my nitch. I've always had an eye for fashion. Before I started this business, I used to have to buy clothes from the mall. I used to always say, "Ugh! I wish this made like this" or "I wish they had this type of dress, leggings.." etc. There was a need for leggings and bodysuits when I started. Not too many stores were carrying cut out leggings, sexy, eye catching leggings. They were one color and mainly spandex. It was a time when plastic surgery was on the rise, and working out was a priority for the ladies. It was an era when Jennifer Lopez's curves were desired. We were (and still are) happy with showing off our curves and being "skinny" was no longer in. I started wearing flashy leggings and bodysuits I had made. They were made out of velvet, sequins, patches, cut outs, mesh inserts, etc. My inboxes were full on myspace, Facebook, later twitter, on where they can get what I had wore. I started selling them, launched a website, and it became an overnight success. Since the first day I started, we haven't slowed down. It went from running my business from a teeny location, to wholesaling my items to stores around the world. Now I run my very own manufacturing shop with a team of very experienced and skilled employees.

Do you design everything yourself or do you have a team of people who bring you looks and you choose what you like and don’t like?

I hand pick ALL my materials. I usually meet with all material vendors by myself. From Los Angeles, to NY, to overseas. I usually have a sketch in mind, and sometimes design a piece after I see a material I really like. I'll bring the rolls of materials back to my shop, and we'll start making samples of my sketches, do the fitting, and once the mock up sample is correct, we'll upgrade all sizes and complete the patterns. I have a team of manufacturers, pattern makers, and I've had one or two assistant fashion designers on board who I've collaborated with on a few pieces.

Most of your models are very curvy, so can someone skinny like me wear your garments?

Believe it or not, I am the main model you see modeling my line. I actually am petite, but I have curves. I'm right in the middle between both worlds. Which is why I believe I was able to market my clothing so well. I started my clothing line, wearing my designs out. I was the walking billboard. Its funny because there was a time when "fuller" women argued they couldn't shop any where because it was a "skinny" girl's world. Now, I hear, "Am I too skinny to wear your line". I have put out over 600 items, and I do believe there is something for everyone in my store.

How versatile is Angel Brinks? Like can I find something on for any occasion?

We are capable of making anything and everything. From special occasion dresses, to kick back clothing. I make more items you'd want to step out in. I want my females to be the center of attention when they step out. Different from the norm, because we are all different anyway. I know when I go out, I don't want anyone to have on what I have on, so I want my customers to shop with me verses what the mall has to offer.

What is the price range for Angel Brinks?

Prices range from $50 to $750. But the average is usually $150. Most of my items are hand made items, and not factory made. We cut, we sew. You have the option to slim the waist, but cut a larger bottom if you have a big tush. You can't get that with factory made clothing. So because you have the option to customize your sizing, we have to make the items piece by piece, so that raises the price.

You said “the hottest chicks in the game are wearing Angel Brinks”. Can you name a few?

I've been fortunate enough to have beautiful women around the world. From top models, to celebrities, to TV reality stars, etc. There are so many to mention, but off the top of my head- Trina, Lil Kim, Mya, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Vivica Fox, Heidi Montag, Coco, K. Michelle, Almost all of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, NY- Erica Mena, Kimbella, Emily B, Joseline, Karlie Redd, just to name a few. My good friend Draya Michele from Basketball Wives. Mob Wives, Ramona Rizzo. My items have been on red carpet, Talk show hosts, TV shows, movies, web series, music videos, and it goes on and on!

To wear Angel Brinks you have to have a lot of confidence? Do you agree?

So I hear some say! Mainly because most items are snug, tight fitted, and edgy. I encourage all women to embrace their bodies, and step outside the box.

Have you ever considered making men’s clothing?

Yes, I have dipped and dabbed in it. I've helped other designers, and collaborated on some men's pieces. As for actually making men's clothing, I think in due time I will.

Should we be on the look out for any new collections for the Fall?

Oh absolutely! I drop collections for each season, and all year long!

Angel Brinks is doing very well and is very successful right now. So what is next?


Thank you!! Be on the look out for a baby girl leggings collection! I also have some surprises coming up, so be tuned for that!

To all my upcoming designers: Please do not give up. Dream exclusive, and abstract pieces and bring them to life. Find your nitch, and execute. Creative minds are the way to go. People are always looking for exclusive pieces, and the next new thing. Provide a demand there's no supply on.

Thank you everyone, for taking the time out to read about me int his article. If you have any questions, feel free to write in, or call (702) 255-LEGG (5344)

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