Love & Hip Hop Hollywood!!!! Featuring our Very own Nikki Mudarris...

                        Remember this picture?


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Yes, I bet you do! This picture became very popular when Angel Brinks heavily campaigned her very own, one of a kind, never been done before, leggings. "Roll The Dice Leggings"!!!

These leggings are so exclusive that each and every pair are custom made to order, depending on the color scheme you choose we hand craft each and every piece to fit you perfect!!!


Not only was this hang tag on every piece of clothing but, everyone wanted to know who these beautiful 5 models were. Especially the one in the middle. Fellas tame yourselves, meet Nikki Mudarris. She's a very close friend to Angel Brinks, and Ms. Brinks knew she had to have Nikki involved with one of her most popular campaigns. "Nikki is such a pleasure to have around, she is the perfect life size mannequin for me to model my line," boosts Ms. Brinks, and she adds, "everyone on set quickly gravitated towards Nikki. She's the kind of fun, positive girl you want to be around. She's just amazing to work with, she's beautiful inside, and out".

We here at Angel Brinks Fashion, are so excited for all Nikki's ventures, and are so excited to now see her on the big screen! She is on the cast of "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood" airing September 15th!

Here is a note from celebrity designer, Angel Brinks: Nikki, we are beyond proud of you, and the beautiful young lady you have become. I knew your bubbly personality, sweetness, and kind hearted ways was just going to draw in the hearts of America and the rest of the world one day. I am extremely proud I had the pleasure of working with you, and I look forward to the your bright future ahead. Wherever your path leads you, I will be by your side through it all!

Love you, xoxo Angel Brinks.


We had the pleasure of having Nikki model these styles below..............For our 2014 Collection







                             ROLL THE DICE



Triple Beams....




 Here is a short video of the up-comin show from VH1..and why you should watch it!!

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