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The New Standard of Style



The fashion industry is booming.


"With new trends changing every second, staying abreast of the hottest craze can often times be difficult, however, as a veteran in the industry, Angel Brinks is setting the new standard for style through her line. In a recent interview with I Am JMARiiE, Brinks discussed her passion, ideas and her future with the ever changing business and how she plans to always stay one step forward.


Known for her outspoken bodysuits and tights, Brinks believes in testing the boundaries as she reaches out to “empower women and give them confidence through her apparel”. One of her latest additions to her collection is her Crayon Line. This line focuses on bold and bright colors and allows the customer to truly customize their outfit to their liking. Stemming from a regular back to school shopping trip for her son, Brinks, strategically created a line that not only makes a statement but is also easy to locate through the Google web search.


Originally making clothes in sizes extra-small to extra-large, the Angel Brinks collection has expanded and now features clothes that are made for the plus size figure. “Every time I add a new item, it sells out immediately,” she mentions while conversing. This overwhelming response has prompted Brinks to expand her full figured collection and she is now adding new items every week.


While being in the industry has its ups and downs, Brinks’ passion keeps her grounded and focused on always reinventing herself and her craft.


“People always want to stand out and be different,” states Brinks as she speaks about the insight behind her clothing.


Although Brinks is considered a major player in the fashion industry, she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Competition is everywhere, Brinks stays focused on constantly reinventing herself and letting her work speak volumes. In the end, her main focus is “making women feel good”. Despite her opinions of her racy clothes or her prices, Brinks prides herself on her quality and originality. As she is not easily shaken, Brinks gains strength from the critics and uses that to push her to do more.


There is so much is store for Angel Brinks. Look to see  her on television as well as other A-Lister activities that she has planned in the upcoming months. Brinks is also working on a second collection of lingerie as well as introducing clutch bags and a continued focus on her beauty line. “Whatever God puts in my way, I am going to take it and run with it,” she said.


For more information on Angel Brinks apparel, please visit You can also contract her via Twitter at  or on Instagram"


 Angel 1325

By  Jocelyn Juhan



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