Pharrell’s Happiness Inspires The League For People

League for People with Disabilities creates infectious spin-off video of #1 song "Happy"
BALTIMORE, April 23, 2014 - The League for People with Disabilities seamlessly released a heart-warming video for its new campaign: “The Happiest Place on Earth”! This video has placed a distinctive twist on Pop-Artist Pharrell’s number one hit single “Happy”. The League and their participants collaborated with retired Ravens - Pro Bowler Mike McCrary, and retired NBA All Star, Walt "Wizard" Williams to let the world know that they are indeed "The Happiest Place on Earth".
Dancing, singing and pure happiness explode off the screen – not unlike other remakes of the “Happy” video, however, what makes this version so unique is  "The League’s “Pharrell”, 30 year old superstar Adam Carpenter. Carpenter, born with Cerebral Palsy, stretched himself well beyond the challenges of his disability and took the project by storm! He worked tirelessly to perfect the song's lyrics and his Pharrell-like characteristics and swag, even down to him donning the famous Vivienne Westwood Mountain Hat, as a way to pay homage to his idol Pharrell. Writing his own music since the tender age of 9, he dedicates his performance to the "Un-happy" while channeling inspiration of his late best friend (caught in the mist of cross fire). Although faced with such enormous personal challenges, Adam continues to PUSH on – using his music to offer hope and joy to the City of Baltimore and the rest of the world.
"I really hope Pharrell would be proud of me for spreading his message of happiness and LOVE!" ~Adam Carpenter
The League's version of “Happy” was not only created to promote the infectious joy that radiates throughout the organization, but also to show the world how "happy" and "capable" people with disabilities are - despite their perceived "limitations". The League for People hopes the video and its message will reach a national platform and empower millions to recognize the endless possibilities and happiness that exists in their own lives.
Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, The League for People is renowned for its work with the disabled. They have been showing their participants how to live a "Happy" life for nearly 100 years. The organization provides independence, self-sufficiency and personal fitness through year round programs that dramatically improves their participants’ quality of life  and self esteem.
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