Jenny McCarthy Causes Quite the Outrage On Twitter!!!

So is she being crucified for speaking her opinion in America? Check it out below..........


According to Us magazine

"Ouch! Jenny McCarthy was hoping for positive feedback, but instead received some harsh criticism via Twitter on Thursday, March 13. When the "View" co-host asked her followers what he or she "look for in a mate," many took the opportunity to reply that they would want someone who isn't anti-vaccination -- like her."



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According to Wonderwall......


"We need to get rid of the toxins, the mercury -- which I am so tired of everyone saying it's been removed," she told King. "It has not been removed from the shots." (Kristin Cavallari also recently revealed that she believes there's a link between vaccines and autism. The "Hills" alum -- who's pregnant with her second child -- told the Fox Business show "The Independents" on March 13 that she and husband Jay Cutler have not vaccinated their son Camden, 18 months.)


"McCarthy also came under fire back in January when rumors surfaced that her son, whom she had with ex-husband John Asher, doesn't actually have autism. At the time, she debunked the "blatantly inaccurate and completely ridiculous" allegations on her Twitter account."


Jenny McCarthy

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