It's Cold Outside!!! How to Keep Your Skin Healthy!!!

Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter!


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Step #1

Drink Lots of Water, 

Keeping yourself internally moisturized and nourished is the number one way to prevent dry skin, especially in cold weather!! Steer clear from caffeine! 

Step # 2

Exfoliate at least once a week!! Scrubbing your skin will help remove dead skin cells and promote healthy skin. Use a scrub that is paraben-free, or make your own by mixing 1/2 cup coarse sugar with one cup of coconut oil. Apply scrub to skin using gentle, circular motions. Scrub your whole body and then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Step # 3

Skin brush.


Skin brushing removes dead skin cells, stimulates your lymphatic system and is healthy for your circulation. To brush your skin, start from your feet using firm circular motions. Move up your body, brushing your legs, buttocks, back and torso. When you reach your chest and shoulders, brush in short sweeping motions down to your heart.

Step # 4

Use less hot water. Soapy hot water will deplete the natural oils from your skin. Your shower or bath should be lukewarm temperature. Also, keep your bathing times short, between 4-5 minutes, especially in the winter. And stay away from bubble baths that contain chemicals and alcohols. Use a natural or organic bath soak instead.


Step # 5

Use a good moisturizing cleanser. Many organic and natural brands sell moisturizing, gentle soaps made with essential oils and healthy plant extracts. Wash with soap only in areas where perspiration and dirt accumulates. These areas are typically your hands, feet, underarms and groin area. Stay away from deodorant soaps. These soaps are notorious for drying out skin.

Step # 6

Use a good moisturizer after your bath or shower. Crème and balm moisturizers are designed to seal the top layer of the skin, locking in moisture. Lotions are known as humectants, and are absorbed by skin. Aloe vera and coconut and sesame oil are fantastic humectants to apply after bathing. Use a balm or crème at night and lotion during the day.


Put moisturizer on your hands and slip on a pair of gloves before going outside. At night, apply moisturizer to your feet and wear socks to bed. Your feet will feel dewy and moisturized in the morning.

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